The diagnosis:"clubfoot"

The word seemed HUGE when my doctor first said it. Because of my ignorance it seemed bigger than it should have: Had I known that clubfoot could be corrected relatively quickly and without surgery in most cases, I would have known that clubfoot doesn't have to be the dominating theme in a child's life story, it can just be a footnote.


We know that now! Our youngest son was born with bilateral talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) in August 2009. We don't think of him in terms of his clubfoot though. He is a precious gift to our family. We've all loved and rooted for him from the start. And yes, there were some difficult times in the beginning, but they passed.

Now we have a little person who is all over the place and into everything he can get into, and the correction phase of his treatment already seems like ages ago.

clubfootNOTES is a collection of things that we found helpful and things that we would have enjoyed having access to when our son was born. We started out with treatment offered at our local hospital but it proved very unsatisfactory and after doing research we found information about the Ponseti Method. Our son's clubfoot was corrected beautifully with this method, so we highly recommend it. 

If you have some suggestions, tips and your own stories to share - please feel free to add them.


God bless you on your (clubfoot) journey!  


This is not a medical site. All content is from a mother's perspective and understanding. I believe all content to be accurate, but am not a medical doctor.

photos of our son

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