Ponseti Method Websites

Ponseti International Website

Ponseti Website for Parents

South African Clubfoot Website

University of Iowa (where the late Dr Ponseti was based)

Support Groups

Ponseti South Africa Support Group (South African/Yahoo Group)

Nosurgery4clubfoot (USA, International/Yahoo Group)


MD Orthopedics (Manufacturer/Distributor of Mitchell's/Ponseti Foot Abduction Brace)

Parenting Isn't for Pansies Blog (pictures of the Mitchell's FAB and Dobbs Bar)

Charities and Children's Homes to Support

STEPS (Clubfoot Charity, South Africa)

STEPS (Clubfoot Charity, UK)

An Orphan's Wish

Resources to Download:

Ponseti Method Booklets and flyers

Clubfoot: Ponseti Management (Edition 3) (also known as the Ponseti Red Book)  

Clubfoot Guide for Parents (4 page flyer/companion to the to the book “Clubfoot: Ponseti Management”)


Treatment Of Congenital Clubfoot Using The Ponseti Method: Workshop Manual

(51 page manual prepared for healthcare workers in China)


Clubfoot: Ponseti Management [Poster]


This is not a medical site. All content is from a mother's perspective and understanding.
I believe all content to be accurate, but am not a medical doctor.


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