What is clubfoot?

When I asked my doctor this question, she told me that clubfoot wasn't the worst thing that could affect a child, because it is something that can be 'fixed'.  We've seen how true this is.

Clubfoot is a muskuloskeletal deformity resulting in one or both feet pointing inwards, downwards and rocking onto the outer edge of the foot.

There are 4 components of the deformity which are referred to as:

  • cavus (an exaggerated arch)
  • adductus (the foot turning inwards towards the midline of the body)
  • varus (the heel rocking inwards so that the foot rests on its outer edge)
  • equinus (the foot pointing downwards)

The basic bone structure of the foot is in tact, it is just that shortened muscles, ligaments and tendons on the inner side of the lower limb/s affected prevent outward movement and cause the foot to pull inwards and downwards. There are various ways of manipulating the bones back into alignment while stretching the shortened muscles. The most popular method at the moment is the non-surgical Ponseti Method (which does usually require a simple procedure called a tenotomy/Achilles tendon release at the end).

Clubfoot can be congenital, i.e. present at birth, or it can develop later (as a result of injury for example). It is usually idiopathic (affecting an otherwise normal and healthy baby for some unknown reason), but can less often be part of a syndrome.

If treated correctly, congenital clubfeet can be corrected to look normal, function well and be pain free.

How will clubfoot affect a child in the long term?

If properly corrected, a child will grow up to live a pain-free, unrestricted life with flexible and well-functioning feet. There may be a difference in the size of feet if only one foot was affected. Also, the calf muscles may appear a little more undeveloped on the affected side.

If clubfoot is not treated, the child will learn to walk on the outsides of their feet and toes, causing pain, discomfort and disability.

If treated with aggresive and invasive surgery, the child will most likely grow up to have limited movement in the feet, scars, scar tissue and pain that can be quite severe apparenly. (I thank God we found the Ponseti Method before it came to this (o:)

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clubfoot before and after

Various names and terms for clubfoot

  • Clubfoot (CF)

  • Bilateral Clubfoot (BCF) - affecting both feet

  • Unilateral Clubfoot - affecting one foot only

  • Congenital Clubfoot

  • Idiopathic Congenital Clubfoot

  • Talipes

  • Talipes equinovarus

  • Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV)


 Disclaimer: This is not a medical site.
All content is from a mother's perspective and understanding. I believe all content to be accurate, but am not a medical doctor.

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